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Parents Comments and Stories...

This section provides some comments and stories submitted by parents at DeafHear events or to our website. Parents have told us on many occasions that one of the most important things for them is to hear about the experiences of other parents in similar situations.

We hope you find these comments interesting and helpful.


For a number of years DeafHear has organised a Residential Weekend for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children.
Here are some of the comments from parents who attended this event:

Presentation on Audiology:

“This was excellent that we could get our audiology report explained in such simple terms that we understand it perfectly. It opened our eyes to what our son can hear with and without hearing aids.”

“I found it sad to listen to what the kids could actually hear and I liked finding out how to read the report and understand it”.

“I was shocked to find out the extent of my child´s hearing, but it really made me understand a lot more about it.”


Abi´s Story:

“I am a mother of Abigail (Abi) who is hearing impaired 20% hearing in the left ear and 50% in the right.“

“I have received a lot of help from Joanne in DeafHear as regards what Abi is entitled to and help and understanding as regards accepting the fact that Abi had a hearing difficulty.“

“I found the newly diagnosed weekend extremely helpful especially when we met other parents in similar situations to us (2010)“

Presentation on ´A Deaf child in the Family´:

“It was great to see someone living a normal life and it gives you great hope.”

“I thought the session went very well and gave a great insight into how to handle different situations.”

“Brilliant to hear their experiences of growing up, going to college etc. Source of great hope and positiveness for my child.”

“Brings home the parent has to fight hard and do the work to ensure best result for child. Didn´t realise ISL so important until now.”



Parents´ General Comments on the Residential Weekend:

“We have gained invaluable knowledge and contacts over the weekend – delighted we made it.”

“I found the weekend brilliant meeting other parents and kids, hearing all the different things about audiology and speech and meeting the deaf girl and her family gives me hope for the future.”

“The weekend surpassed my expectations and I feel we are all going home with more hope for our children going into the future.”

“This was such a fantastic weekend and beneficial to all. This is the first time we´ve been given any real info regarding hearing loss and support available.”

“I so appreciated this weekend! Thanks to you all.”

In Spring of 2011 DeafHear ran a number of consultative workshops for parents around the country.
Here are some of the comments made by parents on:

Audiology / Assistive Technology:

“Hearing aids: there is no independent opinion. You just get the information from the HSE.”

“Parents do not know information of the next step. They always feel on the back foot.”

“Parents are not given information on the assistive technology that is available for the school or home.”

“I wish it could be quicker and easier to get new moulds.”

Communication Choices/Child Development:

“When diagnosed my first question was ´How do I communicate if my son can´t hear language.´ There was nobody there to tell me how important language was or how to go about it.”

“We need opportunities for children with a hearing loss to meet.”

“Finding a speech therapist that will work with deaf children is very hard.”

“Groups such as the Christmas parties are one opportunity where my son can be himself with no one judging him.”

“Parents don´t know what the development of a child with hearing loss is.”

“Play is very different, children with a hearing loss need more visual clues and professionals in childcare services are not aware of this.”

“Children with a hearing loss can be disruptive because of communication issues and people are not very understanding.”


“Parents need unbiased advice and to speak to other parents.”

“Douglas school is very good and the model works effectively.”

“2nd level: no real options. If the child goes to a special school the child could become isolates because there are no after-school activities available if they live far away.”

“School is a big decision.”

“In the UK when a child is going to 2nd level the local schools, professionals, parents and if appropriate the child get together at one meeting and discuss the child´s needs and see who can provide what.”


Submit your own stories/questions/suggestions to the Parents Chatline.