Welcome to Irish Sign Language Awareness Week 2016.
For every primary school child in Ireland.

Irish Sign Language Awareness Week 2016 begins on September 19th. This year the two leading national organisations working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, the Irish Deaf Society and DeafHear, have organised a special project to enable every primary school child in Ireland to learn some simple words in Irish Sign language (ISL).

Sign for today Thursday: I don’ understand

Sign for today

Monday Sign of the day - Thank YouTuesday Sign of the day - PleaseWednesday Sign of the day - SorryThursday Sign of the day - I don’t understandFriday Sign of the day - Can I help you?

FingerSpell Your Name

FingerSpell Your Name

Take the ‘fingerspell your name’ challenge. All you need to do is watch Batman sign the Irish Sign Language alphabet! You can also download the Irish Sign Language (ISL) alphabet to help you!


Irish Sign LAnguage (ISL) Poster

Irish Sign LAnguage (ISL) Poster

Need help with fingerspelling your name?
To download our ISL alphabet poster click here.


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